Anwar to share Muhyiddin’s meeting via FB


KUALA LUMPUR:  Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim will have a Facebook live session to share about the meeting with Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

At the same time, he will also highlight the subsidy given by Negeri Sembilan to the public, said Anwar Ibrahim on his Facebook.

Strong dissents were shown when Anwar Ibrahim met Muhyiddin Yassin.

Former prime minister, Najib Razak questioned a similar tone by asking “PKR labels Azmin and PM-8 as traitors.

“PKR also suspended PKR Wanita chief for meeting traitor Azmin.

“How about Anwar meeting Muhyiddin?, Not labeled as a traitor?

“When PKR will suspend Anwar’s membership?” Najib asked.

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reported that Haniza Talha, the suspended Wanita chief pending a disciplinary probe questioned, “Zuraida and Azmin are in the same party as the prime minister. Why can’t I meet with Zuraida and Azmin but president Anwar can meet with Muhyiddin? What is that about?”