Boat with retail stuffs capsized near Sungai Pukol waters


By: MRA (Sabah Special Correspondent)

TAWAU – A boat with retail goods for Ramadan month capsized near Sungai Pukol on Thursday evening.

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency conducting the daily routine to prevent illegals entering the waters came across the capsized boat.

Tawau Zone Maritime director Captain Maritime Siva Kumar Vengadasalam said that when they neared the capsized boat, they found two men aged 35 and 40 floating on the waters.

The preliminary probe indicated that before the incident the victims were moving from Jeti Log Pond Tanjung Batu Laut heading to Melayu Pulau Sebatik.

One of the victims explained that due to bad weather and rough sea, suddenly the boat engine stopped working and there was a pump malfunction, allowing seawater to enter and overflood the boat instantly.

Both the victims were saved by the enforcement agency and escaped from any injury.

It is estimated the boat and retail products losses around RM90,000

At the same time, Siva Kumar warned to take extra precautions in Tawau waters as the sea will be rough experiencing Monsoon weather till the end of May that could result in thunderstorms.