Continue close partnership between MOA and KPDNHEP to control food price

KUALA LUMPUR – Lately we have been receiving numerous complaints on the price increase for chicken and vegetables.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic could indirectly influence the demand and supply factor on offsetting the price, the government should do the best in controlling the prices.

The government announced that KPDNHEP will implement the ‘Maximum Price Control Scheme’ as an approach to control the price increase during the Movement Control Order in place.

However, chicken and vegetable price is still high, if the government does not intervene in the supply chain, then the situation may continue.

“When I was leading the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries, we always work together with KPDNHEP to ensure that the supply is sufficient and the price is under control especially during the festive season.

“Last year, we acted proactively to implement the ‘Maximum Price Control Scheme’. Almost 27 items were monitored and controlled before and after the festive season.

“It is to ensure the price does not increase excessively before Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Hari Gawai, and Pesta Kaamatan.

“Subsequently, we managed to control the price on certain items,” former minister Salahuddin Ayub said in a press statement.

He urged for a closer co-operation between MOA and KPDNHEP to ensure there is a continuous food supply and controlling the price.