Coronavirus: How Sky News is operating

These are unprecedented times.

The spread of the coronavirus is having a profound effect on all our lives; from how we care for those we love the most, to the way we work, and how we spend time with our friends.

Understanding what is happening – and why – has never been more important.

Thank you for letting Sky News keep you well informed on the facts during these disquieting times, as we all work out what the virus means for us, our communities, and our friends and families, in the UK and abroad.

We recognise the vital role we have to play during this crisis, ensuring you are able to read, watch and listen to accurate non-stop journalism and clear analysis across all our digital, television and audio platforms.

Sky News has a serious and deeply-felt obligation to document how this crisis is affecting the people of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

All our correspondents – here and abroad – have had to adapt to deliver daily reporting in a way that’s safe, observing all the rules about social distancing, and interviewing people in ingenious ways that avoid taking risks.

In all our newsrooms, only essential staff who can’t perform their roles properly from home are coming to work, spreading out and reducing contact. Scores of journalists are using technology to work from home to keep the news flowing.

It’s never been more important to tell our audiences what’s going on, and to hold those in authority to account for their decisions.

Remember we are an international news organisation that is free of charge.

Source: Sky News