Covid-19: Enforce MCO strictly or forget about it


While Malaysians by large are keeping their fingers crossed that the Covid-19 crisis could be into
its downtrend here, we are being bombarded by stupidity of some leaders who have blatantly
broken the laws.

Look, the movement control order (MCO) announcement by the prime minister was with no
exceptions made explicitly for any politician to flout it. It was made for a reason and the greater
benefit of the public.

And what do we land up with. Some so-called leaders, and let me stress here, SO-CALLED
leaders have been justifying their movements in breaking the MCO as though they are above the

Come on. While the lay man is subject to stricter and stringent rules as Malaysia goes into the
third phase of the MCO, why is there no firm action on these politicians?

The government says that nobody is above the law, but that is not what is reflected on the ground.
Is the police going weak in their knees to act on these recalcitrants just because they are

They should be dragged, handcuffed and charged in a court of law just like the rest that have
defied the various laws that have been enforced since the MCO began.

We cannot have any minister that go on defending them in the name of some doing the duties as
elected representatives.

It does not make them immune to the law and neither to the virus. If they as elected
representatives do not set an example then why is the public being punished for not obeying the

So if the next person arrested for flouting MCO justifies his actions as doing charity work for
running to the store for his neighbours down the street, will the police be lenient on him? He is
doing nothing less than what a representative is doing then, right?

The current Perikatan Nasional politicians who got into office via a non-elected government, as
asserted by the current prime minister, are already exhibiting the old Barisan Nasional

It may work into fooling some people some time, like telling us that there are 500 countries and
that warm water can be a remedy to kill the novel corona virus but there is a limit to how much
we can laugh at the clowns in a circus.

Fighting this Covid-19 pandemic is an extremely serious matter and it has grave consequences on
the social and economic fronts if mishandled further.


While the health ministry through its director general keeps on emphasising daily that the window
to get it right is extremely narrow, we have politicians that are practically mocking the entire

Don’t keep harping on the public that we are stubborn in not adhering the MCO standard
operating procedures when they themselves lack the determination and motivation.

It is sad that those captured under the MCO have been made to look like heavy offenders and yet
some may get away with mere apologies and lame excuses.

The government either enforces the MCO to the letter, or just lift it. But don’t play the middle
ground. It will be a failure!


By: Narinder Pal

Narinder is a veteran political observer and a pharmacist


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