COVID-19: To open school or not, Education Minister getting views from public


KUALA LUMPUR: The entire world is facing COVID-19 situation. In Malaysia, we have been advised to follow the Movement Control Order till April 14.

Almost 28 days we are advised to ‘Stay at Home’ and told to practise Social Distancing. This coming April 10 could be crucial to learn whether the MCO will be extended awaiting for the announcement from Health Ministry.

Education Minister Dr Radzi Jidin on his Facebook has asked views from parents, teachers and students whether to continue opening school for the rest of the year.

Radzi Jidin is open to hear from everyone and we are allowed to make our views on the page. (link)

While writing this story around 7,500 people have commented and 4,700 others have shared.

Some comments picked up from the FB page is shared below:-

Mohamad Hakim said ‘Health and security for students is more important. Hope we can restore back to normal life soon.

Christine Ogodong said ‘As a teacher, I propose the schools to be closed until Health Ministry declares zero COVID-19 cases. It is difficult to control the movement of students. Even if the school opens, I’m afraid that some parents would not send their kids worrying on the COVID-19 trend”

Jie Halim said ‘Even we find difficulty in MCO order, how about in school? In hostel, how to ensure a high healthy hygiene for students’

Speaking to Parents Teachers Association chief C.Jayakumar from a local tamil school in Kuala Selangor area, he said that it is the question whether health or education.

“Yes, health is very important at this point of time. On the other hand, we have to find ways to ensure our students continue studying perhaps from home or any other method that we may monitor them remotely.

“We also don’t want our students to lose the opportunity to learn.

“Even if we introduce online learning, certain places do not have proper Internet access. Some rural areas have difficulties in getting good network coverage.

“Hope the government can look into improving the telco infrastructure to increase better speed for internet coverage.

“Maybe as a suggestion, the students can submit homework via e-mail or any education online platform, let the teachers check and give coaching via comments.

“End of the day, the Education Ministry should get views from everyone and make a wise decision on the matter,” added Jayakumar.