EveStance solution helps to monitor social distancing and mass gathering


KUALA LUMPUR – The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life.  Whether we like it or not, a new word has been injected into our life that is the ‘new normal’.

The idea to lead a ‘new normal’ life is to practice ‘social-distancing’. Practicing ‘social distancing’ requires high self-discipline from each and every individual.

Rather than advising it diligently over and time, it is not easy to practice as well.

To overcome this situation, Evenesis, a Malaysian grown company has introduced new technology that helps business owners to monitor the social distancing and mass gathering guidelines meeting the recommendations set forth by the government.

The new technology that helps is ‘EveStance’ named after Evenesis Social Distance Technology.

“By using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), this solution works in real-time by detecting objects. Objects here are categorised as people or a group of people.

“Practically, it calculates the distance between people and will alert the relevant authorities if they have breached the 1 or 2-meter guideline.

“Merely by using existing and pre-owned IP cameras and CCTVs installed in the shops and offices, the EveStance solution will help to identify the situation.

“No additional hardware investment and installation required, as this solution can be activated using contact-less and done remotely over the cloud capability.” the founder and CEO of Evenesis, Yusno Yunos said.

Retailers, restaurant owners, event space/venue owners, shopping mall operators, and property management offices would highly benefit from using EveStance solution.

“Any violations detected by the solution will command an auto-trigger alert through e-mail, and/or Whatsapp.

“These rules even determine the distance between people and the number of people detected in the drawn areas.” Yusno added.

To start off, the company allows for a 5-day free trial for one camera per business/company.

Yusno indicated that other countries in Europe do deploy this sort of technology as a solution to monitor the social distancing aspect.

To efficiently monitor and detect social distancing and crowd/mass gathering, Evenesis encourages this real-time solution that will be worth of your investment and avoid the hassle to worry about keeping an eye on the people.

For more information on Evenesis, visit us at: https://www.evenesis.com or drop us an email for an quick virtual meeting at: sales@evenesis.com or be free to call us at +603-8404 2112.