[FB Comment] – What is UNHCR doing about Rohingya issue?

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Former prime minister Najib Tun Razak shared his thoughts on the Rohingya issue which has been taking place in our country.

Netizens have been up roaring asking our government to send back the Rohingyas.

Lets’s see what Najib Razak has to say in his Facebook posting.

Human Rights NGO Amnesty International slammed Malaysia’s action to obstruct and send back two Rohingya boats while pressuring the government to receive each Rohingya boats which arrive at our shore.

Najib claimed that local media FMT spin his posting by building a hypocrite perception on the Rohingya issue.

He said it is easy to keep talking and keep asking without knowing the real implication.

FIRST – I’m not a Hypocrite. Barisan Nasional government under my leadership has helped the Rohingya in all possible ways. With PAS we arranged for a mass gathering pressuring the Myanmar government to stop the genocide against the Rohingya ethnic.

We championed the issue which was happening against the Rohingya ethnic during that time and we do not merely gather asking all the escaped Rohingyas asking to come to Malaysia.

Do you know the difference? Najib questioned.

During that time I clearly told “We will do based on negotiation and humanitarian ground. However, we cannot allow giving a signal that Malaysia opens to everyone, and illegals can easily come in.”

No one can point a finger to Malaysia that we did not do anything for the Rohingya or be harsh on them.

In this matter, I slam the United Nations for less helping them.

What is the function of UNHCR? What have they done for the Rohingya people?

It has been 5 years over. Is ASEAN and United Nations comprised of Malaysia?

For how long Malaysia have to take this burden?

All the NGOs have to put pressure on the United Nations and UNHCR to take drastic action.

Don’t always pressure Malaysia on the Rohingya issue.

SECOND – My posting is to tell the Rohingya people in Malaysia to respect our law and be sensitive to the challenges faced by Malaysians during COVID-19.

Malaysians have helped the Rohingyas in all possible ways, but they also have to help themselves by respecting the law and the Movement Control Order.

Three—We cannot allow the two boats to reach Malaysian shore as we don’t want a bigger tragedy to happen again here.

If the news tells two boats successfully arrives at our shores and welcomed by Malaysia, then hundreds of them and even more boats will start to arrive in Malaysia.

With hope, if this recurs again more Rohingya can be affected or die during the sea journey and it’s extremely dangerous.

Do you know that many of them have died even the two boats arrived in Malaysia?

Around 1 million Rohingya is staying at the Bangladesh and Myanmar border.

Imagine how many more boats will make an attempt to come to Malaysia if we allow the two boats arriving at our shores.

Bangladesh government issued a statement stating that they will not allow the two boats to arrive at their shores

Please see — https://www.hmetro.com.my/mutakhir/2020/04/570532/bangladesh-enggan-terima-kapal-bawa-rohingya

In this situation and COVID-19 crisis, it is better for them not to invite more Rohingyas into our country.

Do you slam Malaysia for being unfair for receiving the two boats?

Also, some spin that Najib is a hypocrite and doesn’t want to help Rohingya, Well that is fine and that is their reading.

You have to understand the implications and tragedies that will happen if you allow more boats to come in during the COVID-19 challenge.

We have to be realistic and sensible.

Also please see — https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2020/04/23/najib-now-says-malaysia-not-obliged-to-help-rohingya/




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