Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel has a new routine post coronavirus

It’s 7.30 in the morning and an online news conference organised with Sebastian Vettel is a few minutes old when it dawns on the Ferrari driver that there are a large number of British journalists on the call.

“I just realised it’s an hour behind in the UK, so it’s even earlier there,” he says with a smile. “Sorry about that.”

The four-time world champion is in his home in Switzerland, wood beams criss-crossing a white wall behind. He’s wearing his team shirt; he doesn’t reveal whether he still has his pyjama trousers on out of shot. But in the circumstances it seems unlikely.

“I like to start early so I have lots of time left in the day,” he says. “I’m planning on going for a little bike ride later.”

This is the ‘new normal’ in Formula 1, now the start of the season has been laid waste by the coronavirus. No-one can race, and factories are on shutdown. The drivers are busying themselves staying fit and sharp, and the sport’s bosses are trying to navigate a way through the crisis, but the oxygen of exposure remains as valuable now as ever.

Some of Vettel’s peers are satisfying their racing bug by taking the competition online – his Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc won a ‘Virtual Grand Prix’ a couple of weeks ago at his first attempt, and there is another one this weekend, on the date of what would have been the Chinese race.

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