Let us rise above COVID-19 – Stay Home, Stay Safe



How blessed we are to have a Prime minister who calls us as brothers and sisters whom he loves and exhibited his care for us in action with various help packages. How blessed we are to be part of a nation that centers their trust in God?

As our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said, “Let us not forget, our success is in God who is most powerful”.

And he tells us as a nation to look to God, please let us humble ourselves before God and let us forgive where required.

I truly believe though Corona Virus has challenged us in all parts of the world, God is still above this and as we look to Him, I believe we will find prevention and cure for this disease.

Corona Virus is an unknown entity that has caused losses and fear in a world of hustle and bustle, at times wishing the world would stop, it has now actually come to a standstill.

Is this a wakeup call for us?

Is it now the time to appreciate our children’s smile and enjoy family moments creating happy memories and appreciating the beautiful flowers in our garden, the ray of sun shining through our windows and the amazing smell of soil after heavy rain or even the magic of raindrops on our faces…?

Is it a wakeup call to reevaluate the meaning of our lives and our lifestyles?

It is a tough time, but we are tougher!

As our prime minister said “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”, “apabila kadaan sukar hanya yang tabah dapat menharunginya”.

We can rise up as a soldier, bravely standing up on their own, to face a group of enemies. Fearless and upright we shall stand together.

As a nation let us stand together in unity as once our late Tunku Abdul Rahman said during his independence speech “Let us unitedly face the challenge of the years”.

He also prophetically told us about what might lay ahead in the future for us, and prepared us to be dedicated, united and to be a beacon of light in a disturbed and distracted world.

Today we shall rise up to be that beacon of light in this disturbed, distracted world in which we find ourselves.

We shall stand with courage, awakening the lion within us, and shall not fear the Corona Virus.

But conquering it by adhering to the plea from our Government, our Prime Minister who believes in us, and loves us, let us comply with the law of the land, and stay home – duduk rumah.

Let us take into consideration our Front Line Workers, who are just the same as you and me, not invincible, they have parents, husbands, wives, children and grand-children, yet putting all this aside as painful as it might be, they risk their lives and the lives of their family by dedicating and exposing themselves to this dangerous virus for us, even though their families and children might be more at risk being so closely associated with our Frontline Workers.

They carry out their duties for yours and my safety, whilst compromising their own, with only a face mask, gloves and a sanitizer.

I know a Police Officer, who only took 3 days leave to mourn for and bury his Dear Mother and returned to work straight afterwards, he also at another time, started work at 5pm and supposed to finish at 8am next day, but his dedication to his duty pushed him to work until after 5pm instead, with not even a wink of sleep and without food.

I also know a Doctor who has several children at home, she goes to work, doesn’t know who has Corona virus and who is telling the truth or not. But her love for people drives her on to help people risking the probability of contracting Corona Virus.

Should we not then adhere to the MCO our government has implemented to help us?

Should we put the many Frontline Workers who are as dedicated as this Police Officer and Doctor at risk by ignoring the government’s advice?

Every season comes to an end, this phase will end.

700 years ago, the bubonic plague ravaged across Europe, one of the strategies used was social distancing and isolation, it worked then, we can do it now.

Standing united in co-operation with our government, which has been ordained by God, for such a time as this.

Let us do it, we can do it because we are Malaysians and Malaysia Boleh.

63 years ago Tunku Abdul Rahman said the following:

“High confidence has been reposed in us; let us unitedly face the challenge of this time, with remembrance of the past and confidence for the future under the providence of God, we shall succeed”.

P.Davis a Malaysian who has worked abroad in the field of psychiatry affirms –  ‘We shall Rise above COVID-19 together as Nation’ 

Source: People vs Corona blog