Local DJs affected by COVID-19 asking the government to hear their ‘music’ plea



When the MCO was implemented on March 18, more than 95% of all Disc Jockeys have been directly impacted via loss of full-time jobs and gig related income.

As you know entertainment outlets of various genres are closed and events or gatherings are no longer allowed for national health purposes due to COVID-19.

Nevertheless, we understand and heed the decision introduced by the government to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plainly to say, most of us in the DJ industry affected and hoping to recuperate our earning again once the government opens the economy.

Our industry is categorised as “non-essential” service, and not many of them apart from the entertainment and events industry notice and understand our difficulties.

The DJs have done what they can to keep the music on-going for loyal followers mostly through social media online sessions during the period of COVID-19.

Yet, it is still far more than to soothe our growing despair during these trying times. Most of the DJs in the country are becoming overcrowded due to the gig economy and as such we would like to propose the following suggestions to the government:-

  • Allow local DJs to work for the 24 private and 44 government-owned radio stations to provide music content based on time-based and suitable hours. Approximately, 15,000 DJs of various genres of music and languages can be designated accordingly.


  • Setting up of broadcast centres in tourist hotspots across Malaysia as a form of Hip/Trendy/Cool info centres whereby DJs on rotation play music, relevant and current information on the fight against COVID-19 as well as promoting the local businesses that need publicity, brand visibility and business rejuvenation.


  • DJs can be a leading voice in the coming months as part of the tourism and entertainment ecosystems recovery.


  • DJs can contribute more than good music, as they are professionals who utilize the latest software and digital sound equipment to bring flavour and music professionalism that can attract the right audience at the right time.


  • Ministers and community leaders the next time you deliver a speech at an event,  remember it was a professional team of DJs and sound engineers who made it possible for your message to be heard across the board, now fervently we ask your sincere simplicity to hear our plea and provide a helping hand that can be worked collectively.



Jason Martin, Victor Goh, Jay Subramaniam, Vimal Gnanasekaran