‘Mahabbah league’ started in Kelantan grows to reinforce local football industry


KUALA LUMPUR – A Malaysian based ‘football management’ company is organising a football friendly league to enhance the football sports development from amateur and grass root level.

The Malaya Football Friendly League (MFFL) is hosted by Asyraf Hasan via his Total Football Management (TFM) company.

This league is based on a concept of football unity between the organiser, club manager, referee and the club owner as well as the football field owner. By having this league, the concept introducer believes that everyone will come together to keep the football development in Malaysia to grow from grass root level.

In 2018, this concept league was started in Kelantan and referred as ‘Mahabbah League’

It is the brain child of Asyraf Hasan.

Speaking to One Malaya, he said that it was introduced as round-robin format as there were less teams to participate when they introduced this league.

When started in 2018, eight teams participated and in 2019 more teams participated reaching to 32 teams.

“It can be said that across Kelantan we had team representative in this tournament.

“This format is similar to the World Cup format as it fulfils the number of teams participating.

“After seeing the success, Kelantan Sports Council (MSN) and Sports exco offered a Stadium Muhammad IV for the finals to take place.” he said.

However, according to Asyraf, during the Movement Control Order, the sports industry was badly affected including football involving amateur sports clubs.

Private companies whose main source of income is by sponsoring football tournaments were also affected.

Due to that, this type of friendly league concept is appropriate to bring back the sports spirit during the MCO period, pointed out Asyraf.

“For this tournament, we have sponsorship from Halo Telco Apam Putra. They will help to reduce the entry fee for clubs from RM 150 to RM 99 and give a free Halo Telco sim card for each registration.”

Also, Halo Telco Apam Putra will sponsor tournament briefing which will be conducted by the organiser.

The briefing will be held in each state and this year’s final will take place at Bukit Jalil stadium.

TFM also invites amateur teams from Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia and Vietnam.

“However, due to the MCO which still in place, we will try to focus more on local teams and the SOPs introduced by the Malaysian officials.

“Hopefully after the MCO, we will try to invite teams from Asean and make this a tournament beyond boundary as it will make our country more popular in football industry to promote from amateur level.” he added



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