Mahathir’s opinion on Rohingya issue

KUALA LUMPUR – Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in his blog writing explained that Malaysia has helped many refugees.

According to him, earlier the Malays, felt pity with the Rohingya people and they choose to come to Malaysia because of our sympathy towards them.

“However, when they increase in numbers and some of their doings dislike the Malays, the sympathy turns hatred.

“We have helped so many Refugees and by right they should go to other countries and other countries should open doors for them,” suggested Mahathir.

Perhaps, sending away a boat full of 400 Rohingya refugees is an act of non-humanitarian.

By right we should have given them food and oil supply for the boat, so that they can be sent back to Myanmar or other countries.

At the same time, Mahathir slams Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi for being irresponsible.

“The United Nations must take action against Myanmar and equally we also need to highlight the tyranny act of Myanmar government to the whole world.

“Muslim countries, OIC also need to show solidarity support to stop the tyranny act of Myanmar.”

Source — chedet blog