MEHROM pressures United Nations to send peace keeping force to Arakan state

KUALA LUMPUR — Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM) was shocked over the re-occurring of Rohingya Boat People Tragedy which resulting the death of 15 Rohingya including women and 4 children.

While 70 Rohingya have been rescued, almost hundreds are still missing and fear death. We feel very sad due to the fact that this tragedy happened 19 days after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) imposed emergency Provisional Measures on the Myanmar Government to prevent Genocide.

Within 19 days the Myanmar government continues its Genocidal attacks against the Rohingya. We are closely monitoring the development back home particularly post ICJ process, said its President Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani.

“Myanmar government continue the Genocidal attack on Rohingya on 25th January in Buthidaung Township resulting the death of 2 women including 1 pregnant women and injured 7 other men.

“On 28th January the Myanmar government attacked the Maungdaw Township resulting 2 Rohingya houses have been burnt down.

“On 31st January the Myanmar Government attack Rathedaung Township where they kill some Rohingya villages and 4 houses have been burnt down. On 2nd February the Myanmar government burnt down 4 houses in Fatrigila.

“On 3rd February the Myanmar government burnt down 2 houses in Buthidaung Township and 4 houses in Rathedaung Township. We are unable to get more details as the Myanmar government shut down the internet connection in Buthidaung and Maungdaw Township.

“The list of Genocidal attacks by the Myanmar government against Rohingya will grow longer day by day but when it will end? The ICJ imposed emergency Provisional Measures but was thrown away.

“What would be the next step by the United Nations and the rest of World Leaders not forgetting the human rights NGOs and the International Community?”

Obviously the Myanmar government is not going to stop the Genocidal attacks against Rohingya. After 23rd January 2020, the Internet connection was shut down by the Myanmar government in 5 Township including Buthidaung, Maungdaw, Rathedaung, Kyauktaw and Myebon.

“We are very worried on the continuous and future Genocidal attack on the remaining Rohingya in Arakan State of Myanmar.

“This is the first Rohingya Boat People Tragedy in 2020. There will be more boats going out as the traffickers will take advantage on the Rohingya Genocide Survivors.

“The Rohingya will continue to seek refuge in neighboring countries unless the Myanmar government stops the Rohingya Genocide and return our citizenship .

“The Myanmar government must stop producing refugees and burdening neighboring countries and global community. We reached 2020 with the black history of Rohingya Genocide still ongoing.”

This shows the failure of humanity and the growth of humanitarian business.


Therefore, MERHROM urge the United Nations on the following:


  1. To send Peace Keeping Force to the Arakan State due to the failure of the Myanmar government to abide the ICJ Provisional Measures on 23rd January 2020


  1. To take emergency specific measures to combat human trafficking and to prosecute the traffickers


  1. To closely monitor the Genocidal attacks against the Rohingya while waiting for the Myanmar government to prepare its report to the ICJ


  1. To increase Resettlement quota for the Rohingya in exile particularly in Cox’s Bazar refugee camps.