MOH gets RM 550,000 worth of alcohol wipes from Alcosm and Baby Product Association of Malaysia


KUALA LUMPUR – In appreciation of the effort and commitment of medical frontliners, Alcosm Pte Ltd and Baby Product Association of Malaysia donated alcohol wipes worth of RM 550,000 to Health Minister, Dato Sri Dr Adham bin Baba.

The contribution of 25,000 packs of 75% alcohol wipes will be distributed to hospital and government clinics nationwide to further protect the medical force.

Also present, President of Baby Product Association of Malaysia, Mr. Gwei Tze-Co.

“We introduced our 75% alcohol concentration wipes on 31st of March and have received tremendous support from our Malaysian consumers so we want to give back by supporting the medical teams fighting COVID-19.

“We heard about the PPE shortage (although not in the business of personal protective gear), we would like to ensure that the medical force gets personal hygiene protection.

“We reached out to the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the idea was welcomed warmly.

“On behalf of the company, we thank the Minister, Director General of MOH, and the tireless staff and of course the daily heroes on the ground, the frontliners.

“Their efforts are highly appreciated and we hope Alcosm™ wipes will provide an additional layer of protection for them on the job,” shared Alcosm Pte Ltd Co-Founder and Managing Director Tai Zi Kang.

Alcosm™ wipes have 75% alcohol content which is optimum for cleaning of hands, surfaces and personal belongings.

The high absorption material with optimum alcohol level ensures slow evaporation of the liquid to allow more thorough cleaning to get rid of germs, bacteria and viruses.

The company is the first to launch an optimum alcohol concentration wipes in Malaysia and achieved a high demand from the local market with more than 20,000 packs sold in less than five days since the launch of its website ( on 31 March 2020.

Offline, Alcosm™ wipes are available at most major convenience stores, pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide.

“As we come together in difficult times like this, we hope our initiative today will help our valuable medical line up to protect them further in the line of duty,” shared Tai Zi Kang.