MyCar tells government to reduce e-vehicle permit fees


KUALA LUMPUR —  E-hailing provider, MyCar has urged the government to reconsider reducing the E-Vehicle Permit (eVP) fees.

The cost for eVP fee per passenger (pax) is deemed to be financially unbearable during the Movement Control Order (MCO), proposed by its founder Mohd Noah Maideen.

“The eVP quota dropping from 10,000 to 3,000 during throughout MCO and conditional MCO (CMCO) phases, the cost for eVP fee per pax is deemed to be financially unbearable.

“Since we are facing an unprecedented situation, it is best the government make the fee more affordable, as drivers from the lower-income group are struggling to make ends meet,” he said in a statement to Bernama.

Prior to the MCO and CMCO phases, he said MyCar received up to 140,000 bookings per day but the number has significantly reduced to less than 30,000 bookings per day nationwide.

With such tremendous reduction, Mohd Noah said the re-evaluation and reduction of the eVP fee from RM115 to RM30 per pax by both Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) and Ministry of Transport were necessary to ensure the survival of Malaysian e-hailing industry.

While the e-hailing industry appreciates the government’s effort in boosting the national economic growth by introducing various national economic stimulus packages, he was concerned that covering the loss in post-COVID-19 might take longer than expected.

“Some of the affected companies would be forced to shut down within the next few months due to their inability to cover high loss rate in a short period,” he added.