NRD, police work together in fighting MyKad forgery – Hamzah Zainuddin


KUALA LUMPUR – Home Minister Hamzah Zainuddin has revealed that the National Registration Department (NRD) from time to time does oversee the upgrading and renewing MyKad security.

Based on a press statement, he said that the NRD department has increased its Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in tightening the approval for the National Identification card as well as strengthen the monitoring of the NRD system.

“The government sees the MyKad forgery matter seriously involving the NRD staff and by some syndicates.

“A special task force has been formed to further probe on the MyKad forgery and go after the syndicate members.

“The government will never compromise and protect anyone behind this MyKad forgery,” Hamzah said.

At the same time, Hamzah urged the public not to speculate or stop spreading any fake news in social media about the MyKad matter.

“If anyone got information about the MyKad syndicate, the public is urged to report to Home Ministry, NRD, and the police,” he added.

Hamzah announced these measures after finding a report about a website advertise and sell forged MyKad via online and subsequently a police report made by the NRD on May 1. A further probe will be conducted by the police over the matter.

It is also notified that the police have arrested those behind the MyKad syndicate in 2019 and court proceeding is underway in Penang.

Hamzah also highlighted that due to the MyKad issue, some associations and individuals pressured the government to change the MyKad to a newer version in overcoming the forgery issue.