Q&A series – Writer turned Digital Marketer from Indonesia

# This is a Q&A series to highlight aspiring entrepreneurs and talents out there. 

An interview session with Derisha Aryawan from Indonesia

1. What made you venture as an entrepreneur and promote Digital Marketing?

I didn’t choose to be an entrepreneur, the entrepreneur life chose me. It’s actually true; I never imagined myself having my own businesses and being an entrepreneur but some things in my life happened which lead me to where I am today.

I was diagnosed with Lupus a few years ago which made me physically incapable of going back to my former office job, during my recovery time at home I was making homemade organic beauty products as a way to overcome my stress and due to the fact I had to avoid chemicals and toxic ingredients.

One thing leads to another and I was obsessed and had found my new passion, it wasn’t long till I decided to start to brainstorm ideas and take it to the next level with branding.

As an entrepreneur, my goal was to sell my vision and solve a problem. My vision was to help women achieve a clean beauty routine without using chemicals and toxic ingredients, my products were made to help me reach that vision.

I just wanted to spread awareness that there are so many toxic chemicals in mainstream beauty products that are actually destroying our health.

After I sold out the first batch of DVA Organics, I was getting many questions and decided to help others who wanted to start a small business but don’t have huge funding or experience. With my background in media and marketing,

I had a fair grip on understanding compared to others. This is when I realized digital marketing is actually a fairly new field and not everybody understands it, I also realized at this point that the demand right now is higher than the supply. Thus, I decided to focus my career in digital marketing.


2. Today, because of MCO, we are talking more loudly about technology and marketing digitally, so what is your advice for the beginners who plan to explore business using the digital platform.

In today’s digital era, everything is so fast and is constantly changing. Digital marketing didn’t even exist as in-depth as now when I was still studying, but it has now evolved to such an enormously huge saturated market. In this MCO era, it is more than ever important to not only be a consumer but be a creator too!

My advice to anyone who wants to start an online business NOW is to truly find your passion first and not just do it for the money. Do you love fashion?

Start a fashion blog, start a fashion meme account, become an online style consultant, write a fashion e-book, take an online course about fashion. There is so much opportunity available right now. When you enjoy what you do, the money will come easily.

The best way to start an online business is to create as much content online as possible. Why? Because content marketing works like a magnet to pull in your ideal customers!

The more valuable content you produce, the more eyes on you, and the more free traffic you gain without paying for any ads. Be on as many platforms as you can and create as much content as you can.

Make sure your content is either educational, entertaining, or inspiring!

With all this free traffic now you can decide how you want to monetize. Your own products? Affiliates? A membership? Brand deals? The world is your oyster.


3. What makes a digital business successful? Due to content, the right marketing strategy or targeting the right audience?

I think a successful digital business is when you can go viral and get sales online without implementing any conventional marketing or business strategies!

As we can see there have been so many successful businesses that are digital natives to commerce, and have even threatened their more established offline competitors.

For example, FashionNova, a fairly new fast fashion brand that was born on social media has created tons of viral marketing campaigns using influencers (major and micro) and memes.

The rise of digital-native brands such as FashionNova has caused many established brands to re-evaluate their marketing strategies, moreover, Forever21 couldn’t keep us and has filed for bankruptcy.

How ethical is FashionNova in terms of ‘imitating’ designers and other brands? Maybe not so ethical, but as millennials have a large buying power it is important to disrupt the market and understand their consumer behavior.

In this case, millennials want fast-fashion similar to high-end brands at affordable prices which is accessible (worldwide shipping too!) with just a few clicks on our smartphones.

This is a great example of a successful digital business that has taken over retail stores, we can see more and more e-commerce also taking over at a smaller level.

The rise of dropshipping is also disrupting the offline business industry, as anyone can ‘dropship’ it takes very little skills to set-up a dropshipping business, and if done correctly with good branding and marketing, it can provide high-profit margins that will also sooner or later endanger retail stores that still need to pay for rent, employees, etc.


4. In one of your posting, you wrote about content strategy sales, how it will help the beginners or those who operate a digital business?

Yes, this will absolutely help beginners, like myself when I first started! By using this https://www.derishaaryawan.com/post/content-strategy-sales-funnel type of content strategy it cut costs and it avoids any need for cold-calling.

I always try to stay far away from acting like a salesman, honestly because I find it quite pushy and sometimes unethical. With content marketing and this content strategy, it surely is a long term process just like SEO for websites and blogs, but it for sure gains more trust and ultimately positions you as an expert or authority.

For anyone who wants to implement this method, I recommend starting to create as much content as possible that speaks to the ideal audience/customers. Create content that they will value and makes them trust you. Content can be in the form of blogs, social media, youtube videos, podcasts, etc.


5. Your hope and vision for the people out there? A piece of advice in a nutshell.


My hope would be, during these difficult times, try to be as productive as possible! Rather than watching Netflix all day, enroll in some online courses, start a blog or Youtube channel, learn a new skill. Too many people are complaining about not being able to go out or not having enough income, but fail to consider making the most out of this situation.

There might never be a time where we can just be at home and focus on our own goals and visions. Now is the best time to work on your million dollar idea! I am also working on my ‘next top-secret project’ haha. *wink*

So, what are you waiting for? Start visioning and brainstorming all your ideas! If you ever need anybody to bounce ideas off, my DM is always open to talk about new online business ideas or digital marketing strategies and trends! Just follow me and slide into my DM’s anytime and I’ll try to reply as fast as possible @derishaviar .

To visit her website click on the link — http://www.derishaaryawan.com/