Ramadan al Mubaraq wishes from PPBM Kuala Kangsar leader


KUALA KANGSAR:  Today is the first day of Ramadan. Muslims around the world and in Malaysia will be observing the fasting month.

PPBM Kuala Kangsar leader Dato’ Iskandar Dzulkarnain bin Abdul Khalid in a 1 minute 45 seconds Facebook video clip wishes to all Muslims in Malaysia, “Selamat Bulan Ramadan al-Mubaraq”.

He hopes during this Ramadan month, we will spend more time with our family members and draw closer to Allah SWT.

This year it is different due to COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t go back to home town and there is no bazaar Ramadan as well as there is no group Terawih prayers in the mosque, he said.

Dato Iskandar said this is the sacrifice need to take to continue fighting COVID-19.

Please stay at home and observe the fasting in the house, he added.

To follow his video please visit the link – PPBM Kuala Kangsar