Re-skill and Upskill programmes planned for post-COVID-19 – Saravanan


KUALA LUMPUR – To prepare for post-COVID-19, the Human Resources Ministry is planning to focus on ‘reskilling’ and ‘upskilling’ programmes for workers.

“The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), including the Skills Development Fund Corporation (PTPK) will ensure training funds are used for this purpose with the aim of guaranteeing jobs,” Minister M.Saravanan  said.

He said this in his 2020 Workers’ Day speech themed ‘Workers and the Challenge of the New Normal Culture’ broadcast live over Radio Television Malaysia today.

On employment opportunities, Saravanan said the matter is one that is difficult to be resolved unilaterally as it needed the support and cooperation of the ministries, government agencies and other relevant parties.

In another matter, Saravanan said as of April 27, the Employment Retention Programme (ERP) has received 25,411 applications from employers which involve 208,907 employees, while for the wage subsidy programme, some 234,801 employers had applied involving 1.85 million employees.

Both initiatives are part of the 2020 Economic Stimulus Package and the Prihatin Rakyat Economic Stimulus Package.

Taking into account scenarios once the MCO ends, Saravanan said the ministry will have to revise existing labour laws to suit current and future needs.

Meanwhile, Senior Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali said technological applications and innovative creations must be used as catalysts to ensure continuity in the employment sector and in facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Adapting to these changes will not only help boost work efficiency and productivity but also help companies venture into and become skilled in e-commerce activities.

“It cannot be denied any longer that digitalisation is the approach that must be taken by local entrepreneurs to ensure their companies remain competitive in the new normal environment,” Mohamed Azmin said in his Workers’ Day message.

The International Trade and Industry Minister said this environment will incorporate new working cultures that, among others, would also focus on striking a balance between work productivity and family life.