Thanking the cleaners during MCO

ALOR SETAR, May 2 — Most people hardly notice them, but there are some who work quietly providing essential services that make our lives better, especially during the time of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

One such group of workers are the cleaners who ensure that our environments are always kept clean.

Despite having to work when the COVID-19 is raging, these cleaners diligently and quietly go about their duties, picking up after us.

Mohd Adli Umar, 48, from Alor Mengkudu near here does not mind having to deal with rubbish every day, as he says it is all part of the job, which is better than being jobless.

“I have four children between the ages of 11 and 20 to support, and my wife is a housewife. So I take whatever job comes my way and I will do it well, for it is a source of income to me,” he told Bernama when met in the compounds of Stadium Darul Aman here.

According to Mohd Adli, every job has its challenges and in his case, working from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, life becomes much easier when everyone cooperates.

Another cleaner, Mohd Hafiz Ishak, 33, said everyone must be willing to take any job they can get as long as it provides a steady income each month.

“It is not easy to get another job, even if we are young, so be grateful for what you have, as long as you can bring back food to the family at home,” Mohd Hafiz, a father of three children aged between five and nine years, said.

He said going out to work at a time when the country is battling the COVID-29 pandemic worries him and his colleagues, but they practice social distancing and cleanse themselves properly before going back to their families.

Meanwhile, another worker who continues providing public service despite the MCO is the petrol station employee.

Nur Anis Syahirah Mohd Fauzi, 20, who started her job as an assistant at a petrol station here two months ago, said working in a time of an epidemic has taught her to be more resilient.

“I do not mind working hard, tackling the challenges. Although the salary is low, if I do not work, I will not have an income, and I cannot be choosy as it is not easy to get jobs now,” she said.