Two men smuggling petrol to the Philippines intercepted by Marine Police

By: MRA (Sabah Special Correspondent)

SEMPORNA – The Semporna Marine police successfully intercepted and arrested two Bajau men from Semporna aged 42 and 19 years who tried to smuggle petrol to the neighboring country the Philippines.

The investigation shows when the two men were detained at an unregistered hut in Pulau Kulapuan, the seized items were 705 litre of petrol, 3 gas cylinder, 2 speedboats, 3 boat engines powered with 85HP, 40HP, 15HP valued at RM 29 968.25.

Sabah’s 4th region Marine commander ACP Hj. Mohammad Pajeri Bin Ali said based on intelligence feedback, both men were purchasing petrol from the nearest town and stored at the unregistered hut to avoid any suspicious activity.

According to ACP Mohammad Pajeri the boat used to collect and transport the petrol is now seized and taken to the Semporna Marine base for further action.

The case is investigated under Section 21 Control of Supplies Act 1961, if convicted they can be fined RM 1 million each or three years imprisonment.