Woman driver under alcohol and drugs influence rammed into policeman manning MCO roadblock

By —  MRA ( Sabah Special Correspondent)


Lahad Datu: Police personal from Pasukan Gerakan Am (PGA) Batalion 17 Lahad Datu manning the Movement Control Order (MCO) roadblock was badly injured after a car crashed into him.

The incident took place at Jalan Muhibbah around 12.40 midnight.

Lahad Datu OCPD ACP Nasri Mansor said the 18-year-old woman detained as the suspect believed returning from her friend’s house when the incident happened.

“During the incident, the suspect believed to drive at high speed and under the influence of alcohol, lose control, and hit the roadblock resulting in injuring a policeman on duty. “

Due to the accident, the policeman broke his right hand and injuries on the right forehead. Also, two other police vehicles were damaged due to the incident; he told the media after visiting the policeman in the hospital.

Nasri highlighted that the suspect was taken to the district police station in Lahad Datu and found positive for Methamine and Amphetamine drug usage. Also when a body check was carried out, they found a small packet of drugs in her pocket.

“On an extensive check, the police found the suspect did not have any driving license and now the police are also looking for the suspect’s friend to ascertain whether any illegal activity has taken place,” he said.

According to Nasri, the case is investigated under Section 42(1) Road Transport Act 1987, Section 307 and Section 269 of Penal Code, Regulation 11(1) of Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, Section 12(2) and 15(1) of Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 and section 26(2) of Police Act.